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Cleaver Brooks offer a full line of U.L, and/or CSA Listed commercial boilers [Watertube, Firetube and Electric Resistance designs] for use in schools, office buildings, apartments, libraries, universities, research labs, dry cleaning/laundries, government buildings, airports, hospitals and the like. These units can fire Natural Gas, Propane, or non-fueled electric only that will provide steam or hot water for comfort heating or process requirements. Depending upon the application and product selected, fuel efficiency can be as high as 99%.

Standard Design

  • Profire model V: 1.3 – 16.8 mm Btu/hr
  • Profire model Q: 0.4 – 2.5 mm Btu/hr
  • Profire model M: 1.4 – 10.5 mm Btu/hr
  • Profire model NTH: 1.5 – 12.5 mm Btu/hr
  • Profire model MTH: 2.5 – 16.0 mm Btu/hr