Frank I. Rounds Company carries a complete line of commercial and industrial firetube and watertube boilers, combustion equipment and boiler room accessories. Our Sales personnel are highly trained experts, specializing in commercial and industrial steam and hot water boiler room technology. Years of experience and continuous work in New England's most modern and up to date boiler rooms give Rounds Company a cutting edge view of practical and sophisticated system designs.

Rounds Company engineers work with engineering firms, installing contractors and end users to provide information in the following areas:

  • Selection of the proper boiler for each application
  • Environmental permitting requirements
  • A.S.M.E. pressure welding and repair
  • Steam and hot water boiler room designs
  • Equipment efficiency data and appropriate costs
  • Energy saving accessories
  • Stack and breeching sizing
  • Boiler room operator license requirements, MA and RI Code requirements
  • Boiler room service maintenance
  • Burner combustion and control information
  • Boiler room accessories and support equipment

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NSMC Power Plant Earns Highest Rating From U.S. Green Building Council

Way to go Partner’s Healthcare for earning the highest efficiency rating for your new steam generation plant! Thank you for the opportunity to let Frank I. Rounds Company be part of an excellent team to pull it all off; including Engineering Solutions’ design team, Turner Construction’s GC work, and JC Cannistraro’s mechanical project management and  [...]

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