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US Draft delivers pioneering technology for the chimney and venting industry by bringing the solutions necessary for safe, code compliant design while supplying low maintenance, dependable products. With revolutionary advances such as their EC Flow technology and Truline fan construction, US Draft Co is solving the challenges presented by the next generation of appliances. Options for induced draft fans, make-up air, and clothes dryer systems are all available here!

The MDVS, Mechanical Dryer Venting System™ is a demand controlled ventilation system designed specifically for multi-story buildings that have clothes dryers on multiple floors or in a central laundry facility. Unlike traditional exhaust systems that operate at full speed 24/7, the demand-controlled ventilation system senses when no appliances are running and operates at a very low speed. Once the appliance starts, the internal appliance fan creates pressure inside the duct which make the control increase fan speed.